What began as a passion to please the palate and create culinary wonders became a burning desire to build, orchestrate and run complex, efficient and effective hospitality programs designed to please the customer, create an experience of luxury and comfort for guests. From my days as a chef, to my journeys as a culinary architect – a builder, planner, and mastermind, I share with you my experiences, musings and learning.

I was born into cooking. My family is comprised of classically-trained French gastronome, there was simply no question of what I would do in life, the only question was how.



From fond memories of childhood days in the countryside of the Beaujolais where I would climb the trees, make wooden tree houses fall in love with small cakes called madeleines from Jullié, the local baker; to my sister introducing me to the beauty and regal nature of equines in the Dauphine region while her husband, himself a chef who later became my mentor, filled our table with wonder upon gastronomical wonder; to the beginning of my journey, 15 years of age, always waiting at our doorstep to meet my father every day after school as he began heading off to his restaurant, I drank as heavily as I could from life’s cup as early as possible, taking in the sheer joy and all the complex nuances of growing up in France in a family of culinary professionals. A foundation that has made me understand the logic, creativity and never-ending journey that is food and all that creating the best of it entails.

But how I was to paint my own brushstrokes in the wide canvas of the culinary world and the hospitality industry was something I already knew that day a saucier came in sick and afforded me the opportunity to start my journey towards what became a lifelong love affair with making people happy.

<p”>But make no mistake, hospitality is often a cruel mistress, as early into the dalliance, I was challenged by the gauntlet that all chefs must go through: long, arduous hours, back-breaking work, and challenge after challenge in and outside the kitchen.

Early Career

Very early on, my father, knowing that no one in my family went beyond the borders of our beloved homeland, told me to “Go and visit the world.” My love affair with food brought me to lands alien and exotic to me. I crisscrossed the world and found many new homes, my knowledge and principles grew and changed, finding delight, success, torment, and grief mixed into a delicious stew that was my early career.Food is my muse, cuisine, my passion, but as my path became clearer and my legs a bit travel-weary, I found who I wanted to be here, in the vast expanses of the Middle East.


Dubai Golf named me their Executive Chef, entrusting me with stead of Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club. The paradigm shift, while coming naturally, cemented my path towards hospitality management, for after two enriching years, I was given the responsibility to design the entire food and beverage operation for Dubai Golf, adding the Emirates Golf Club, Solis the Palm and Oman’s Al Mouj Academy Cafe.What began as a love affair with food became a focus on planning, execution and business practice. Cuisine has always been about creativity, taste, passion, and foundation. Every detail has to be perfect for each and every dish.

The same qualities that drive me today to excel as a Culinary Architect. Planning the monolith that is hospitality, a behemoth kept afloat by a slew of teams, thousands of moving parts, hundreds of people requires the same set of skills required of every chef, except this time,

failure does not mean a bad night of service, but a failure of multi-million dollar consequences.The pressure is multiplied a thousand-fold, but so are the rewards.

If Dubai can teach any one thing to the world, it is that “If you do it right, it will work.” This desert oasis and land of

endless opportunities has been kind and nurturing to me.While food will always be my pleasure, my legacy as a culinary engineer will be my crowning achievement.

So thank you for getting to know me better, join me as we build landscapes and towering skyscrapers in the hospitality industry.

I’ve been blessed enough to see the world, connect with people of different cultures, learn and grow, share my food with the world and take a sip from its endless pool of experience. I believe that travel is a handshake with the people of the world, where one takes, and one gives, a transference that enriches both traveler and host.

The year 2008 was eventful and beautiful for me. It was the year settled down and built a partnership founded on trust and love. I married one of the most wonderful women in the world and I can never thank her enough for gifting me with two lovely daughters, Mao and Maï. These three lovely ladies are the main reasons I strive to excel in everything I do and enjoy life to its fullest. To me, having such a beautiful family is an achievement in itself and I now cannot even think of life without them.